Friday, July 12, 2013

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How to Travel to Brazil, Without Fossil Fuels
   Sierra Magazine Green Life Blog

Why Space Junk Threatens Earth Conservation
   Sierra Magazine Daily News

+ Biden, Brazil And Washington’s Continuing Hypocrisy On Free Trade

+ Four Activists Stopping the Ivory Trade 


+ The Bullets (English) As Balas (Portugu├ęs)

   [Personal Blog]

Skinny Passenger Gets Fat Refund

   Peter Greenberg Worldwide

In Kenya, Officials Fight for its 32,000 Elephants 


Will The Next Pope Do More to Discourage Ivory Consumption? 


+ The Top 5 International Travel Myths & Stereotypes Debunked

   Peter Greenberg Worldwide

+ Working Class Graduation

   Middlebury Campus

Cowboys, Aliens, and Chiricahua Apaches

   National Geographic Daily News

+ Sophie Clarke Wins Survivor  (Interview)

   The Middlebury Campus

Photo courtesy of Sopheak Chheng